Did you know that there is a great way you can save money not only on your electric bill but in a way that allows you the freedom to be your own source of renewable energy? The answer can be found in solar PV panels. Solar PV panels feature photovoltaic (PV) cells that directly convert sunlight into usable electricity. This provides an excellent way to power, light, and possibly help to heat your home. In this article, we’re going to explore the number of benefits that come from having solar PV panels installed on your home, as well as what you need to know about how this installation process works

The Basics of Solar PV Panel Installation (And How it Benefits Your Home)

First, let’s cover the basics. When it comes to the benefits of solar PV panels, there are a few basic rewards you can reap across the board. Solar PV panels generate free electricity for you to use in your home. As a result, you’re going to experience overall lower energy costs, which can save you a lot of money. There is currently a government grant for installing solar panels on your home so this can reduce the cost of installation as the grant may not always be there. And hopefully, the best is yet to come, later this year the government has announced that they will pay you for excess electricity sent back to the grid. 

About The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Grant

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) offers a grant to homeowners with homes that were built before 2011 that wish to install solar PV panels. With this grant, you can get €900 per kWp up to 2kWp, plus an additional €300 per kWp up to 4kWp if you get a battery with it and you get an additional €600 for installing the battery so the maximum grant available is currently €3,000.

While this may seem like a lot of information to process, the good news is that applying for this grant is easy. All you have to do is find an SEAI-registered company that will install the panels. Then, you’ll have to apply for the grant while your installer applies to ESB Networks (Electricity Supply Board) to inform them they will be connecting to their network, get your panels installed, and have a BER (Building Energy Rating Certificate) carried out post works (a minimum energy rating of C must be achieved). Then, your contractor submits a claim to SEAI. From there, allow SEAI up to six weeks to process and deliver your grant payment to you.

Other Benefits Worth Mentioning About Solar PV Panels

There are a number of other benefits to getting solar PV panels that are worth mentioning here that we haven’t gone over yet. A lot of these are practical and provide advantages to your situation:

  • Easy to install: These solar PV panels are easy to install. Since they can be installed on your roof or on the ground, this means little to no interference with your day-to-day life while they’re being installed.
  • Clean Energy: Getting solar PV panels is the ultimate form of clean, green energy. Since it’s supplied by nature, it’s also free and plentiful. Solar energy is made anywhere there is light, meaning you’re getting free energy every day. Even if it’s cloudy or rainy out, the energy captured by the panels will provide you with free energy even when the conditions outside are less than perfect. 
  • Panels are becoming more affordable: While you’re still able to apply for government grants to help you with the cost of installing solar PV panels, the cost of solar panels, in general, has come down in price in the last few years. Best of all, we’re still seeing prices fall, making them more affordable than ever. As of 2022, the average solar PV panel installation costs anywhere between €5500 and €9500 post grants. 
  • Low maintenance: PV panels are incredibly low maintenance that you barely have to do anything to them to keep them up-to-date. Due to the lack of moving parts, it’s very rare that there’s any sort of breakage in the solar panel system. Due to this, maintenance costs are also incredibly low, making them affordable to fix on the extremely rare case there’s an issue.
  • Nice and Quiet: PV panels produce zero noise, making them great for not only your home but your neighbours, as well. Consider this a win-win!
  • They can last for decades: Another big benefit of solar PV panels is the fact that they will last for decades. In most cases, panels will last anywhere between 25-30 years. 
  • They increase the value of your property: Furthermore, homes that have a solar PV panel system installed may be able to get more money for their home if and when it comes time to sell. This is because the shift to sustainability has become a growing trend in Ireland and across the globe. The solar panels will improve your BEr rating which will, in turn, increase the property value. 

Do You Want to Move Forward With Solar PV Panel Installation This Year?

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