Solar panel grants

solar panels green homes grant

A solar grant of €1,250 (including the €50 BER grant) is available to all solar systems installed in the Republic of Ireland. There are terms and conditions to receiving this grant and all these can be read on the SEAI website. We will also get you a €100 carbon credit discount from our quote. We deduct the grant and carbon credit from our invoice, so you don’t need to worry about waiting on the grant to be refunded to you.

Grants are only available to households that were built before 2006. Also, there must be no grant received from the Greener homes scheme in the past. The new scheme for the grants is called “Better Energy programme”.

If you purchase a system from us, we will assist with your grant application. You must apply to SEAI for grant approval before installation. You do this through us, so speak with us and we will get the grant process started.

Simply put, you have to purchase a solar panel from a company approved and registered with SEAI (like us), and the installation has to be carried out by an approved and registered installer (like us). There is some very simple paperwork to be filled in by you.

Talk to us and we will get your grant in place.