How Much Do Solar Panels Cost In Ireland?

More and more people are using solar panels due to the many benefits they offer. They protect the environment, help save money, and are highly durable. SEAI even offer incentives to push more people to go solar. These rebates and subsidies can bring the solar installation price down and make it more affordable to get solar panels.

To help you get a better understanding of the cost of solar panels, we have provided a solar installation cost estimator below:

Solar PV Panel Cost Calculator

It can be a little tricky to calculate a solar system installation cost as it differs from provider to provider and depends on a number of factors including the technology used. Our solar installation cost calculator makes it easy to get a good estimate of the costs involved.

  • Our solar panel installation calculator will start by asking you to select the house type from 4 options provided.
  • Next, you will be asked to select the preferred roof orientation, South, East/West etc.
  • You can then select the size of system you would like an estimate on, we have 3 different options available.

It is important to feed correct information into the solar power cost calculator to get the most accurate price. If you are not sure about anything then feel free to contact us and ask.

Once you have provided the required information, you’ll see a page with an estimate that includes solar energy installation cost and available grants. We offer free surveys and will discuss it with you over the phone.

A Tip From AEI:

Make sure to calculate an estimate using our solar system cost calculator. Do not trust the average cost of solar installation as there are so many variables that the cost varies massively from home to home.

Some sellers do not include solar installation cost with the quote, so it’s important to factor this in. We suggest that you ask about solar PV installation cost when you request a quote.