heat recovery ventilator

Why should I retrofit a heat recovery ventilation system into my house?

If you suffer with condensation on walls or windows, or you have mould in bathrooms or wet windows in the morning, then our Ductless Heat Recovery Ventilation (DHRV) solution will fix this overnight. It’s the perfect solution for those who suffer with these issues or with asthma or sinus issues. The best part is, you dont need to run ductwork anywhere in the house.

The unit will gently ventilate the property at a rate of about half an air change per hour, removing moist air and unpleasant smells from the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets and extracting it to the outside.

Our latest high spec unit is the next generation of whole house heat recovery ventilation systems. It will remove your home’s polluted air with ease and provide a constant supply of clean filtered air, allowing you and your family to live in an ideal indoor environment – free from mould, damp and condensation.

heat recovery room ventilator

Why consider a ductless heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system for your home?

If you have good quality windows and insulation, your house is probably reasonably airtight also. Depending on the wind direction, you may be losing excessive heat or not ventilating your home at all. By installing our ductless heat recovery ventilation systems, we can use your ventilation holes and insert a mini HRV system into each room. Every room gets a supply of fresh, filtered warm air. Not only that – every room also has an extract fan to remove smells and moisture for each room. This immediately kills mould and stops moisture from becoming an issue.

Fresh filtered air is drawn into living spaces such as bedrooms and living rooms, providing continuous ventilation even when the house is sealed up for the day. By keeping humidity levels low and introducing warmed fresh filtered air to replace contaminated air, the quality of the internal environment is significantly improved. You can actually feel the freshness in the air within the house.

Continuous whole house ventilation can help reduce relative humidity to below 70% RH, which inhibits the ideal living and breeding conditions of the house dust mite. For knowing the heat recovery retrofit price, you can use our cost calculator.

So, if you want a simple, easy solution to issues caused by poor ventilation then get in touch and we can sort your problems in a clean, one day installation. You can also check out our whole house heat recovery ventilation systems.

Our Ductless HRV Features and Benefits

Ductless HRV system
No need to run ducts anywhere in the house
Manufactured in the EU
Designed for use in this part of the world
Building Regulations Part F compliant
Complies with the current building regs
93% heat recovery
All heat is returned to the room
Light weight for easy installation
Quick installation
No condensate pipe required
Easy to install
Plug and play controls
Easy control options
Self diagnosis for simplified fault finding
Logical user menus
Easy access and cleanable G3 filters
Filters your air all year round