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Solar PV Panel Explained

What are solar PV panels?

Solar PV or photovoltaic solar panels turn daylight into free electricity.

When daylight strikes a PV solar panel, a DC electrical current is generated. If you arrange several of these panels on a roof in series, the current becomes significant. This DC current then travels down to an inverter, which converts the electricity from DC to AC, which runs all the standard electrical items in every home in Ireland.

PV solar panels provide you with free energy and free electricity to power your TV, kettle, toaster, phone charger, radio, oven and so on. The amount of free electricity that your Autarco PV panels generate is guaranteed unlike any other solar system in Ireland. That gives you peace of mind long into the future.

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The Autarco Output Guarantee

The amount of free electricity that your Autarco PV panels generate is guaranteed unlike any other solar system in Ireland.

If your system yields less than estimated,
you get cashback for every missed kWh!

That gives you peace of mind long into the future.


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The benefits

  • Huge savings – A solar PV system can save you up to €2,000 per year on your domestic electricity bill. This will make a dramatic difference to your homes running costs.
  • 25 year guaranteed output – The output of your PV solar panels is guaranteed for 25 years from the time of installation.
  • Free electricity forever – we all use electricity. If you want free power, if you want free electricity, then our solar PV panels are perfect for you.
  • Wise investment – To install a solar PV system, is a wise investment for your house. A typical 4kWp system will save you around €1,450 per year from your electricity bills.
  • Highest efficiency – We use only the highest output solar panels available. Our 410wp solar panels are normally roof mounted, facing south for maximum output. The panels can be arranged on flat roofs or on the ground with special mounting kits.
  • High Building Energy Rating (BER). The BER is a yard stick being used to compare houses in the same area. It’s impossible to achieve an “A” rating on your BER without the use of a solar panel. This is because solar panels produce free electricity without the need for fossil fuels. Installing a solar panel will raise your BER and when it comes to renting or selling your home, you will be one step ahead of the competition in your area.

residential solar panelsHow do solar PV panels work?

Photovoltaics is the conversion of light into electricity. Photo meaning light and voltaic meaning volt, or electricity.

There are some materials that will generate electricity when light is shone on them. The amount of electricity generated by one cell is only small; so many cells are arranged together to form a module or a solar panel. One solar panel might have 60 small solar cells in it. Then you might have any number of solar panels wired together, to form an array or a bank or solar panels. A typical domestic system could have 5 to 20 solar panels on the roof. For commercial solar PV installations, there could be hundreds of solar panels in the array.

The electricity usually travels by a cable from the array down to an inverter in the attic. The inverter changes or converts the electricity from DC to AC electricity. AC power can be used in almost all homes in the world.

Once the power is converted to usable AC power, it’s sent to the fuse board in your home. From there it will go to all the power outlets in your home as it always would. If there is more power being generated by the panels than your home requires, the excess can be diverted to your electric immersion, which will give you free hot water. Once the water cylinder is hot, the excess is then sent to the national grid. This cuts down on your electricity bills dramatically.

If the panels are only generating 60% of the power that your home requires, the 40% balance will come in from the grid as it normally would. Practically every home already has a connection to the grid, which is where electricity comes in to your home from the ESB.

So, if you install a solar PV solar panel system, you will benefit from reduced electricity bills forever, your BER will be increased and your green credentials will be greatly increased. Install the latest technology on your home and take control of your bills.

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Professional and Experienced Solar PV Installers

Solar systems consist of various equipment, and the most important of them all are solar PV panels. They capture the energy of the sun so it can be converted into usable energy. This energy can be used to power up a variety of equipment and appliances. Made out of silicone and other semiconducting material, these panels collect sunlight and create an electric field. They’re available in a variety of sizes and shapes and can easily be mounted on the roof as they require access to direct sunlight. The bigger panels you have, the more energy your system will be able to produce.

At AEI, we understand how vital solar PV is to your system and make sure to only choose the highest quality of products. However, installation is as important as the product as poorly installed systems may malfunction or not perform at the expected level. Our experts will listen to your requirements, find the best place for installation, and get the job done.

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