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How do I choose the best Solar PV Installer?


There are many things to consider before you choose a solar installer for your house or project of any type. You need to ask yourself some questions and answer them before making a decision. We have compiled a list of things you should ask yourself before choosing an installer. We tried to make it as impartial as possible and generic to all solar installations.



Here’s Our Guide To Solar Panel Installation


1. Am I going to buy the cheapest system I can get for my money?

If the answer is YES, then you don’t need to read any further. Go to Google and find as many solar installers in Ireland that you can, get quotes and order from the cheapest guy. More often than not, people don’t buy an engineered product, with a technical design and installation requirement from the cheapest guy. This can lean to cheap goods being installed in the easiest or cheapest way. The result is; poor performing system and substandard products used. Special tools and scaffolding is required and this is what scares many installers away.


2. What size system is right for me?

This depends on how much you want to save, and what your budget is for the installation. You can spend a small amount and get a small system, with small savings. If you install a large system, it will cost more, though the savings with be large. We can work out the right size system for you if you give us a call.


3. My house is a new build and therefore requires renewable energy to be installed. What are my legal obligations?

Every new house that is built in Ireland is required to install renewable energy. Solar PV can sometimes be the cheapest method of meeting this obligation. We can size a solar thermal and solar PV system for you to see what makes most sense. If you’re using solar PV, you need to supply 4 kWhr/m2/year of electricity from the PV system. This mean 4kWhr of solar electricity for every 1m2 of house (floor area), in one year. Call us if you need assistance with this.


4. Local installers

Try to choose someone with a local presence. If there are issues with the installation (even the most professional installer can get teething problems with a system) you want to be sure that the company will be in the area again to drop by and assess your system. We mainly cover Leinster but we have done jobs all over Ireland.


5. Will the installer complete ALL the work or will I have to arrange some work myself?

We cover all works ourselves. If we need to call in specialist assistance for any element of the project, we will arrange this ourselves.


6. Does the company have insurance and what are the payment terms?

Normally a deposit is required and public liability and product liability are required by an installer. We have both insurances to €6.5m and a deposit is required to book you in and begin to order up your components.


7. What is the warranty with the system and am I given it in writing with my T&C’s?

The output is guaranteed for 20 years. We can provide you with a certificate of this guarantee.

If you think we should cover more topics in this section, please do let us know.