A new home renewable heating system can make your house more comfortable to live in. An effective control system can ensure a warmer house at a lower running cost. A reliable house heating system ensures you and your loved ones remain cosy indoors no matter how cold it gets outside.

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Home Heating System Installation

It can be hard to tell how much the most efficient home heating system will cost as the amount depends on a number of factors. The easiest way to get a green home heating system estimate is to head to our domestic heating calculator page and provide the required information.

The home heating price calculator will provide an immediate quote for your home heating installation costs. It also adds available grants so you can know exactly how much you will have to spend on a new heating system for your home.

For an exact quote, you can also get in touch with us and discuss the solutions we offer.

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Popular Residential Heating Systems

1. Oil and Gas Condensing Boilers

The most popular and reliable home heating is a condensing boiler, it works by collecting gas generated by burning fuels such as oil and gas. The collected gas is used to heat water that enters the system. It uses a heat exchanger called the primary circuit to stop gas from leaking into the environment. They’re said to be 92-97 percent efficient and more affordable than non-condensing boilers. Perfect for residential use, condensing boilers give the option of two fuels – oil and gas. Oil offers up to 40 percent more energy per unit; however, well-installed gas condensing boilers can be more efficient than oil condensing boilers.

2. Solar Water Heating

With this system on your house, your water heating bills will be reduced by 70%. It will reduce the carbon emissions from your home, will ensure you always have hot water on tap, will speed up dishwasher/washing machine cycles if they have a hot feed. Find out more here


3. Heat Pump Upgrade

Consider a heat pump upgrade if you have an old heat pump that is starting to show signs of ageing. Problems such as high energy bills and loss of home comfort heating are signs that you need a new heat pump. AEI are a registered installer of heat pumps with SEAI. We offer top-quality heat pumps and have in-house engineers who can size and design a system to best suit your home. Upgrading a heat pump offers several benefits including improved performance, higher efficiency, and easier maintenance.

4. Power Flushing & Cleaning

A Powerflush can be defined as a cleansing process that involves removing any rust, debris, sludge, and dirt that may have accumulated in your boiler. Most experts recommend getting your boiler power flushed every three to four years. It can make the system more efficient and add years to your boiler.

5. Central Heating Controls

Central heating controls are used to control a heating system and help homeowners manage temperature controls and timing schedules. They can make your household heating systems more efficient by giving you the power to set temperature increases and decreases and on and off schedules. A central heating control system is one of the most eco friendly ways to heat your home. Plus, it can even help you save money.

6. Heating Controls Government Grants

To encourage more people to use environmentally friendly heating systems, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) is offering up to €750 towards the cost of installing or upgrading a gas or oil boiler with heating controls. These grants make it affordable to install green home heating systems. They have no income requirements; however, there may be some other conditions. Talk to us to know if you’re eligible and how you can save money on eco home heating systems.

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