If you read this and still want more info, we’d be happy to chat with you. FAQ’s:

    1. Can I sell my excess electricity to the grid?
      As of September 2021, you should be able to sell your excess electricity to the grid in Ireland. Although the rates have not yet been agreed, they will be a healthy revenue stream for owners of solar pv systems in Ireland. The scheme is called the ‘Microgeneration Support Scheme (MSS)’. To avail of the scheme, you will need a smart meter to sell excess power to the grid. All houses will soon have smart meters installed free of charge or you can request immediately with ESB networks if you’re willing to pay.
    2. How much money will I save with a solar system?
      The amount you’ll save will be influenced by your electricity usage pattern. We can reduce bills by up to 50% with the solar PV’s but remember – we cannot generate power at night, so that’s where batteries are helpful.
    3. Can I run my house on solar PV when the grid goes down?
      The only answer to this question is no. Although there are some installers that will tell you what you want to hear, be aware that the only answer is no, so don’t get tricked into a sales pitch for a “grid changeover switch”.
      The reality of the grid-changeover switches is that they are not compliant with inverter and battery manufacturers strict guidelines. We have heard of installers connecting complete socket circuits or even an entire house to a grid changeover switch. These are in breach of the ETCI electrical rules as they are overloading the inverter and battery and may cause a fire.
      It will work, in theory, and you can survive until the battery drains, but if you switch on more than a few low power devices, it will trip out your solar system.
      The only safe and compliant solar PV system is an off grid solar PV system. However, there are no grants for off grid solar PV systems and no access to the MSS scheme for these.
    4. Is there a grant from SEAI?
      Yes, currently there is still a grant for installing Solar PV and the above MSS scheme should start in September 2021. We anticipate the grant scheme might change very soon, so now really is the best time to install Solar PV in Ireland.
    5. Can I heat my water with a solar PV system?
      Yes you can. If you add a device called a power diverter, it will heat your electric immersion with any space solar electricity during the day. There are basic Chinese power diverters and there are the high spec Eddi power diverters. We only use the Eddi power diverter. However, if you only require hot water and you don’t need electricity, we also sell solar hot water systems.
    6. Can I charge my car with a solar PV system?
      Yes with our Solar PV system and our Smart car charger. With our smart car chargers you can choose to charge your car with 100% solar power, some solar power and some grid power, or 100% grid power.
    7. Can I heat my house with a solar system?
      The answer is no. Some unscrupulous companies tell you what you want to hear, and promise you a house heated by solar panels. This just isn’t possible. Remember, the most common time you need heat is in the winter when there is low sun, and often it’s dark outside. How can a solar system heat at night? If anyone promises you a house heated by solar – walk away.
    8. Do I need a battery for my system?
      Adding a battery does increase the costs, but it gives flexibility as you can use solar power in the evening after the sun has set or when the rain clouds roll in.
      If you all work away from the house during the day, then a battery is a good idea as it can store the solar power for use later in the evening.
    9. What maintenance is required for a solar PV system?
      Thankfully little or no maintenance as there are no moving parts, however they will need an inspection every 3 years to confirm all working as it should. The systems are connected to our online portal that can see warnings or issues with your system in the background.
    10. Can I add batteries and panels to my solar PV system?
      Yes Solar PV systems are modular, so you can usually add more panels and batteries without great disruption.

Hopefully this clears up some of your questions, but if you’d like to discuss in further detail, get in touch with our experts.