Solar fill station

Why should you service your Solar Panel System?

Please note we only service our own Solar Thermal installations.

Solar Panel Service is crucial, if the system is to operate correctly.


  • Over time in solar water heating panels, the antifreeze breaks down and may freeze during a harsh winter. When the antifreeze is broken down, it turns to the consistency of syrup and becomes difficult to pump.
  • Temperature sensors can become faulty and can give false readings if they are heated beyond their limits.
  • Sensors can sometimes be pulled out of the correct location in the solar hot water cylinder by a falling towel if they are not secured properly.
  • Software may need to be updated on the controller if it’s outdated.
  • Non return valves may become clogged with dirt if the antifreeze is not changed regularly. This can lead to heat loss at night time.
solar panel service

A full solar service from AEI includes:

  • Power flushing of the solar circuit to remove sludge and debris
  • Change of antifreeze fluid to new antifreeze
  • Examination of internal pipe and electrical connections in the solar system
  • Examination of electrical connections in the solar controller
  • Confirm the correct operation of all controls
  • Setting the correct pressure inside the expansion vessel
  • Calibrate the pump flow rate to suit the solar panels on site
  • Setting the correct antifreeze pressure in the system
  • Confirm the correct settings are set on the controller
  • Check the valves in the system are rotating correctly
  • A commissioning certificate can be issued for your records after payment is received
solar panel maintenance

Please note the following is not included in a service:

  • Roof access
  • Repairing a leak
  • Parts, other than the required antifreeze
  • Anything outside of the above items that we do cover, are chargeable
  • Generally an estimate for a repair cannot be given in advance of the visit as we need to see the issue