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Why you should upgrade your Gas Boiler

Upgrading your gas boiler to a high efficiency Condensing Gas Boiler is a great way to make financial and CO² savings for your house.


Gas boilers need to be changed every 15 years or so, even with regular maintenance, as they have moving parts, a natural lifespan and in the past 15 years, many engineering updates have been made. We use Vokèra gas boilers from the UK as they have a great name and knowledge of gas boiler applications in Ireland.

Avail of a significant grant when you upgrade your Gas Boiler

SEAI are offering grants of €700 and energy credits of €300 to everyone upgrading their heating controls along with the gas boiler. To receive this grant, you need to also upgrade your central heating controls and we can easily perform all this for you in a day.

If your gas boiler is more than 12 years old, chances are, it’s about 65% fuel efficient, no matter what brand name or how new it looks. Before July 2008, the Building Regulations did not specify how efficient the boiler had to be. Therefore, Ireland became a dumping ground for inefficient boilers.

Changes in the building regulations in July 2008 have specified minimum seasonal net efficiencies of 86% for all domestic boilers. Our gas boilers far surpass this with seasonal net efficiencies of up to 91.2%.

If you’re looking for a quote for a high efficiency condensing gas boiler installed onto your existing house, please use our online cost calculator for new gas boiler cost. This will give you an estimate for the boiler to be replaced and for your heating system to be “zoned”.

Multi Zoned Heating System

Should I get a multi zone heating system or 2-zone heating system?

There is a lot of talk these days about a zoned heating system. You may be wondering how this “zoned” heating system differs from a standard heating system. You need to think of a typical standard heating system as one circuit, or “zone”, with one controller, one set of pipes all linked and a pump; and when the system is turned “on” all the pipes gets hot water sent to them and all the radiators heat and the hot water cylinder heats to whatever temperature the boiler is heating to.

If your heating system has 2 zones the piping to the cylinder and the radiators is in two separate circuits, or “zones”. Therefore, you can heat all the radiators OR the hot water cylinder zone separately, or both at the same time. This is especially convenient in the summer when you do not wish to heat your radiators but still require hot water.

However, with our smart heating controls, we can give you as many zones as you wish, with none of the mess. You can have the open plan diving kitchen area as a zone, the bathrooms on a separate zone, the kids play room on a zone and all the bedrooms as their own zones. Each zone can be heated by itself and to different temperatures at different times of the day. This is all done from your phone in a very easy to use app and everything is flexible.

Flexible heating zones?

Yes, when your house situation changes, we can adjust your zones to suit.

Let’s take the home office as an example. In early 2020 lots of houses had to find space for a home office. The spare room, now becomes a home office. We can then heat your home office to 21 degrees from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. We can also set our smart controls to heat your kitchen for an hour at lunch time. When rads are off in areas that heat is not required, you’re saving money.

When kids move out of the house, we can set our smart heating controls to keep a low level of heat in the kids rooms all week, but when they come to stay, we can heat the rooms as normal.

Towel rads can have their own zone, so that you have warm, dry towels all year round.

If you go away on holiday, you can set your heating system to keep the house at a mild 10 degrees so that you don’t need to worry about pipes freezing or mould forming. Then, the day before you come home, you can revert the controls back to normal.

You can decide to move a rad from one zone to another, you can do this yourself or we can do this for you for the lifetime of your system as it’s all accessible remotely.

You can also control your lamps and other electrical devices from our smart heating system app.

So, if you want total control from a proper “smart” heating system, then get in touch today.

Please feel free to contact us for some advice.

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Gas Condensing Boiler's Smart heating Controls

Your gas back boilers central heating controls are the most important part of your heating system when it comes to giving you control of your heating system and the associated bills. If you want to change your boiler, go with the local plumber, if you want a total heating system upgrade, then give us a call and we will show you what we can do to help you.