You can save money.

Rather than leaving your heating on ALL day, running up a big bill, you can set your heating to come on at certain times of the day and even in certain rooms. A smart heating thermostat will definitely save you money as it will allow you to adjust the heating times and zones to maximise efficiency.

Although many of us work from home at the minute, it also is tempting to have the heating on a lot more often, these smart heating controls can help us to avoid having the heating on constantly and either forgetting or not realising the hours go by. You can plan your home heating around your routine.

This allows you to stay in control of your heating, making for big savings and a cosy home. You will have the access to edit the settings at any time, should your circumstances change and as the seasons change from Winter to Summer, mind you with us living in Ireland, we are likely to depend on the heating all year round!

Also, do you ever notice how the temperature of your home varies from day to night? You can adapt your smart heating control thermostat to ensure that you are not using unnecessary fuel with your gas boiler or oil boiler.

Stay in control from your mobile!

You have the option to choose from many mobile apps that will allow you to control your heating settings even when you’re not at home. How advanced!
There are many great tools out there, one of our experts would be happy to talk you through the best.


Get to know the benefits of a smart home heating control.

A. Maximise energy & minimise costs.
B. Track your heating usage.
C. Control remotely. You don’t need to be at home!
D. Hassle free heating scheduling.
E. Easy to install.

There are grants available from SEAI. Would you like to know more?

Get in touch with and one of our experts would be more than happy to help! Contact us.